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Expand your VAS portfolio.


Provide amazing white labeled mobile entertainment and gaming services for your mobile users that add value to Operator’s portfolio. Inspired by innovation and an advanced user experience, our services include dating, esoteric, gaming and sweepstakes that interact with users to raise ARPU and satisfy different target needs.


Main features:

  • All our value added services are multi-platform and white labeled.

  • Simple and intuitive portals for all user types.

  • Available for Feature phones and Smartphones.

  • Adapted to each country's needs and language.

  • Recurrent subscription services with on-demand purchases.

  • Available on: Web, Mobile, App and SMS.

  • Includes prize and sweepstake opportunities.

  • Addictive gameplay and UX excellence.

  • ¡Start now! No fees or minimums.

  • Administrative, legal and technical integrations carried by Mobiera.

  • Get a complete support and operations team to handle services, customer service an more.

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