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Big Data for Success


Mobiera Smart is a revolutionary Campaign Manager SaaS that centralizes and organizes all the information related to the Operator Business and allows MNO to use it in real-time (Real-Time Decision) by defining Audience Criteria, the Data State Patterns (DSPs), and apply a workflow to Entities that meet a DSP.


Decisions made from data analysis can increase, at least,

35% of MNO gross revenues.


Define Business Use Cases and flows and activate automatic workflows to get your business running, increase user satisfaction and boost gross income.

Centralize all business units data.

Improve customer approach and reduce dissatisfaction.

Understand user needs and behavior.

Target and test instant offers.

Analyze product performance for optimization.

Recognize success, business opportunities, and flaws.

Instantly increase ARPU.

Master your business and sharpen your strategies.

Mobiera Smart has been designed to receive, store, analyse, and centralize a huge volume of Human or IoT data. Database Model is fully customisable. Mobiera Smart can be integrated with any kind of network equipment, platform, CRM/ERP...



  • ¡Start now! No fees or minimums.

  • Administrative, legal and technical integrations carried by Mobiera.

  • Get a complete support and operations team to handle your accounts.

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