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Cellpush is a cloud-based mobile advertising solution that allows Mobile Operators to create, manage and launch Smart Push (STK or SIM based) campaigns in real-time. A dynamic solution to create massive campaigns, trigger on demand campaigns based on users behavior, and most importantly to Monetize user database for incredible results.


Main Features

Cellpush is a mobile advertising tool that optimizes live campaigns to achieve the best performance and results. Mobile Operators get full management of campaigns, calendar, user databases and statistics online.


Configure, enable or reject campaigns in no time.


Upload black or white lists and keep your database updated.


Schedule and change your campaigns daily, weekly or monthly.


Take real-time decisions with main KPIs, graphs and live statistics.


With Cellpush you get a complete platform solution that includes: online access for your team, agencies and providers; mobile advertising consulting; IT support; an account manager to handle your campaigns; handset homologation and the best results. Cellpush has no fees or minimum guarantees


Some of Cellpush services include:


  • SIM Identification and profiling.

  • Handset Homologation process.

  • SIM applet and SIM menu management.


  • 100% secure user database.

  • Automatic updates of user databases.


  • Many campaigns types such as: USSD, Single or double opt-in, Click to URL, Click to SMS, Click to download, Survey, etc.


  • MOBIERA selects a dedicated operations team to support you (technical, account manager, client Support).

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  • Administrative, legal and technical integrations carried by Mobiera.

  • Get a complete support and operations team to handle your accounts.

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