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MOBIERA is a Technology Driven and Innovation Company focused on developing premium software and cutting-edge Solutions for Mobile Operators around the world. MOBIERA helps MNOs to increase revenues by integrating content management, advertising strategies, and big data solutions.


local offices

MOBIERA is continuing a significant expansion with 4 new offices being opened at the end of 2017.

+20 operations

MOBIERA is a leading partner for MNO and MVNOs by offering solutions focused on continuous growth and success.



MOBIERA has an amazing team of IT and Telecom experts that will guide you to accomplish and exceed your goals.


 Increase ARPU with SMART, a revolutionary SDP that centralizes and organizes information for Artificial Intelligence Real Time Decision.   

Provide amazing mobile entertainment and gaming services for your mobile users.

 The most effective STK-based Smart Message Mobile Advertising SDP. Start monetizing your user database now. 

 Securely manage all your Content Providers. Take full control of VAS Charging, Messaging, Advertising and more. 



MOBIERA was officially founded in the year 2013 in Bogota, Colombia to develop the most innovative, powerful and intelligent technology platforms to encourage the growth of the mobile industry in the world.


MOBIERA has been an active member of GSMA Marketplace since 2015; also participating as sponsor, exhibitor and speaker at the "Mobile World Congress" in Spain, "Andean Telecom Summit" in Colombia, "MVNO Latam" in Mexico, "MVNO Industry Summit" in Germany, and "Mobile Workshop Advertising" in Miami.


LATAM: Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador.

EUROPE: Madrid, Germany.

ASIA: Vietnam

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